Barber Style/Clipper Cut

Barber Style/Clipper Cut $37+ Cut done primarily with clippers and a bit of scissor work. Includes a wonderful hair washing and fantastic conversation!

Short Scissor Cut

Short Scissor Cut $50+ Cut done with scissors and minimal styling on finer hair. For those of you who rock a more "wash and go" look and ditch the hot tools for a little pomade or paste.

Mid Length Cut

Mid Length Cut $68+ Long Bobs, Shags, Layers, blunt and all that other fun stuff. Definitely the most requested cut. Comes with wash and style.

Thick, Long and Beyond

Thick, Long and Beyond $78+ For those lucky ones with hair beyond the middle of the back or especially thick locks. We need some extra time to run our fingers through that beautiful mane of yours. Wash and style included.

Curly Cut/Deva Cut

Curly Cut/Deva Cut $83+ For the naturally curly haired client. The stylist cuts each curl individually on dry hair (because not all curls are created equal) then washes and styles it using the Davines products made especially for curly hair.

Bang Trim

Bang Trim $10+ A quick little dusting on your bangs. No wash, no dry, no therapy session. Just a little snip in front so you can see again and don't walk into a wall or drive off the road.

Hair Color
Root Retouch/Single Process Color

Root Retouch/Single Process $68+ Single color process done on the root of the hair to cover grey, deepen or enrich your natural tone. Does not include styling.

Partial Hi Lights

Partial Hi Lights $98+ Foils placed around the face and the crown of the head to lighten up your color creating dimension and depth. Book haircut and styling separately.

Full Hi Lights/ Balayage/ Babylights

Full Hi Lights/ Balayage/ Babylights $128+ Hi lights and low lights placed throughout the entire head of hair using foils, Balayage (hand painting color), babylights (very thin sections) or a mixture of all to create a natural or completely dramatic look. Lot's of work but sooooo worth it in the end! Book haircut and style separately.

Bleach and Toner

Bleach and Toner $99+ Just like it sounds. Bleach the hair and then use a toner (or gloss) after to neutralize any unwanted tones. Depending on how dark your natural color is this could take a your inner Marilyn Monroe.

Gloss /Toner

Gloss/ Toner $25+ Semi Permanent gloss to refresh previously color treated hair or cancel out unwanted tones from hi lighted hair. Does not cover grey or lighten up hair color...very subtle yet gives tons of shine!

Fantasy Colors

Fantasy Colors Price upon request. From the most vibrant Cobalt blues all the way to the palest blushing pink, these unique and intense colors all require a different approach. Factors such as hairs underlying pigment, color history and overall condition can affect how these vibrant colors take to the hair. Book a consultation with your stylist to discuss the vision for your unicorn hair as well as a specific price quote.

More Stuff
Davines Natural Tech Treatments

Davines Treatments Ask your Stylist to help assess your scalp and hair to see which Davines Treatment is right for you. The possibilities are truly endless.

Hair Extentions

Hair Extentions Book a consultation to explore the options of getting hair extentions for length, fullness or to add color variation to your existing hair. Price breakdown will be discussed during consultation.

Vintage Styling

Vintage Styling Our resident Vintage authority Sandra D has extensive knowledge of hairstyles through the ages. Her decade specific techniques make each style completely authentic. Call for consultation or click here to see her website.

Special Occassion Hair

Special Occassion Hair $85+ Styling for weddings, proms, or just a random Tuesday. When you come in please have CLEAN and DRY hair with no product in the hair as well as a button down shirt so you do not ruin your fancy hair.

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment The revolutionary product that has saved millions of heads of over processed hair across the world. Its unique technology actually reconnects disulfide sulfur bonds (science talk for hair stuff) that break down during chemical services and heat exposure therefore reconnecting it and making the hair strong and healthy again.

Davines Natural Tech Treatments

Davines Treatments Come and speak to your stylist about your hair and scalp condition to see which in salon treatment is right for you. Every head has a specific story and various needs and no one knows what you need better than your stylist. Prices vary depending on treatments.

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