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    Well helllo! I am Rosie Fiore and The Local Salon is my 3rd child (the other 2 are male humans). Building and running The Local has been the most mind blowing adventure so far. My husband Tony and I met in Junior High here in the Valley back in the 1900's. We had big dreams and wanted to be in charge of our careers. We dove into this venture and promised to never compromise our ethics. We knew a business could be built with kindness and dignity. We knew money mattered but the quality of our lives as well as the clients was #1. We decided one night that we wanted to create our own Utopia here in the SFV. I have been doing hair for 22 years now and honestly I never get tired of it. No two heads of hair are the same and I love the creative chaos that this career throws at me. We have no formal business training, just a ton of passion and a refusal to ever compromise our ethics. Kindness+creativity+a little magic=The Local.

    I am a SoCal native with a deep rooted love for all things beauty. At my first salon in Austin, TX I became a cutting specialist and worked closely with curly hair after learning the DevaCurl techniques. Since moving back to LA and joining this wild and talented group at The Local Salon, I have added color to my specialties and enjoy everything from enhancing natural locks to creating a whole new look. I am passionate about delivering effortlessly chic and modern looks that will make you feel beautiful in the chair and long after. Enough out of me, let's make your hair dreams come true.

    I am passionate about placing value on people by making them look and feel their very best. Whether it be through creating a whole new look for someone, adding a bit of color or balayage to brighten or enhance, or by maintaining the integrity of hair through regular treatments, I am genuinely enthusiastic towards making people feel beautiful. I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where people are free to come as they are, and leave feeling more confident. My experiences have cultivated in me a desire to learn and produce functional art, but have more importantly taught me the importance of patience, listening and interacting with kindness. 

    As a seasoned, experienced stylist I approach the craft of hairstyling with studious precision. Prior to joining The Local, I lived in NYC and worked for Fox and Jane Salon as both a stylist and a lead educator. I also assisted in developing professional hair color products with L'Oreal USA. When I am not in the salon creating, I spend time studying astrology, philosophy, the art of acting, musical performance and screenwriting. You can also catch me around the neighborhood hanging out with Sheldon and Bette, my adorable Dachschund mixes.

    I love creating a customized combination of cut, color, and style for each of my clients so that they leave my chair feeling like the best possible versions of themselves. I am a certified Deva Curl Stylist which means that I specialize in cutting and styling naturally curly, and it is just about my favorite thing! Whether it is curly, wavy or straight, I'll use a variety of techniques to work with your hair's natural texture and help it be its most amazing. If you would like to schedule a complimentary, in person consultation prior to your service feel free to email me or call the salon and lets talk about getting the hair of your dreams!

    My approach to hair is one of a polymath including my latest achievements as an hypnotherapist. From vintage hairstyling, natural hair coloring and a cut that lasts up to six months, I combine your life experience and future goals to your current look.

    Coworkers describe me as the nerdiest hair color geek at The Local Salon. I am most passionate about creating glossy bright hair colors. I strive for Pinterest worthy, Instagram worthy, and every mirror worthy hair! Nothing makes a woman feel more empowered than hair extentions...ok ok maybe they're a few other things lol. Some clients have horror stories about extensions so my job is to educate, show you the many safe options I provide, and create a magical new lifestyle where swinging your long voluminous hair around becomes a daily requirement. I believe in a rich level of communication from consultation photos to follow ups after you leave the salon. I don't like the idea of calling you my 'client', everyone is my friend and should always be sent off with a hug!

    I believe we all get into hairstyling for different reasons, but my passion for this industry comes from the customer service. I love working one-on-one with people to help them find a look that suits not only their desires but their lifestyle. I am not here to push my opinions on you, I am here as a vehicle for you to achieve a look that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful every day-not just the day you see me!

    I absolutely love being a senior stylist at The Local Salon. I view my space in the salon as my art studio and I've loved doing hair since I was a kid because my father Allen Edwards, celebrity stylist, mad a big impact on me. I have learned so much doing hair for the past 30 years. I decided it was time to make a change, not only for my health, but for the health of my clients and the planet so I began using Natulique. Natulique is a non-toxic hair color from Denmark. I now create styles exclusively using natural color that delivers vibrant, long lasting shades and covers grey 100%. To learn more about what I do please visit my website. Looking forward to creating on you!

    As a client at The Local, I found my passion for doing hair...again. I had always had an interest in becoming a hairdresser, and had even gone to beauty school for a short period before deciding the environment was not for me. Over a year after leaving school, I was getting a haircut here when my hairdresser urged me to finish my behind the chair education. I always loved the craft, but needed to find my artistic community. I now finished my education by apprenticing with Kayleigh and Rosie. I have had the most incredible experiences learning hands on with the stylists here. My passion and creativity has been encouraged and refined with the support of all The Local stylists. I am so excited to share my craft with new clients. I am most passionate about color, and love to see a full transformation that helps my clients feel like their best self. After being a client here and knowing how special you can feel after a day at The Local, I am so excited to be able to share that feeling with you.

    I can not remember a time when I did not fixate on hair. I remember my first hairstylist, Gina and every move she made when she game me the same solid chin length bob I identified myself with through all of my childhood. It was such a meditative experience for me. In High School a brave friend of mine asked me to give him a haircut in the bathroom of his Grandmothers house...and it actually turned out really great! Ha! He was so proud, and I was so transformed by the notion that I could help someone gain more confidence and self expression by doing something that I loved doing myself so much! In  2012 I buckled down and went to cosmetology school, and have since worked every day to know more about my favorite art medium. I love getting to know what makes you feel your best, I love learning about your every cowlick and curl that grows out of your head. My mission is to treat every soul and every hair with kindness and focus.

    I had a teacher once tell me that we are not hairstylists, we are fiber artists. I thought that was an awfully pretentious statement at the time! But after 10 years of being a stylist I would have to actually agree. There is a chemistry and skill to doing hair that becomes personal to each of my clients. I have worked at a barbershop perfecting mens scissor cuts and fades as well as years as a color specialist with emphasis on creating perfect blondes. I like to take the time to put care and detail into my work and build relationships with everyone that comes to see me. 

    Hi, I am al! I am an la baby following my family roots in the hair industry. my inspiration for hair comes from my love for the rock n roll scene and all things punk. being a musician myself, creativity in hair has allowed me the same freedom of expression drumming has. I have been an assistant at the local for the amazing amy edwards. creating and learning with her has allowed me to be more confident and limitless with hair. I am currently taking new clients and building my business and I feel so inspired by every single head of hair I touch. 

    Kayleigh here. I have been working at the local for 5 years. i recently bought a house in Louisville, Kentucky with my soon to be husband. I am a Los Angeles native and will always be a valley girl at heart. I am currently working here at  The Local one week a month and I work the other 3 weeks in Louisville. If you find yourself in Kentucky, give me a call and experience the best of both worlds. 

    I am Nicole. I am the voice you hear on the phone. I am the first and last face you see when you come to the local. I enjoy chatting it up with everyone and getting to know all of your most intimate details. I am extremely witty, kind and pretty much a perfect human. I did not write this because I am too afraid to tell the truth about how fantastic I am.