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    The Stylists

    Rosie Fiore
     Welcome to The Local Salon!  My name is Rosie and my husband Tony and I created this magical place in 2013.  We met each other at Hale Middle School here in the San Fernando Valley in 1987, grew up 2 blocks away from one another and even our parents went to the same schools...we truly are LOCALS.  We wanted to build a business where we could surround ourselves with inspiring, intelligent, and creative people.  Nice people ONLY!  A mini Utopia where we would only hire the kindest and most artistic people who made us want to be better versions of ourselves.  A labor of love with the main currency being real soul connections and a feeling of familiarity in this huge city.  A business built on authentic smiles, eye contact, silliness, great music, popsicles, sincerity, and super creative hair magicians who would do incredible unique work (no two stylists are the same) and most important...THE BEST HAIR YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!! 
    Oh yeah, and I have been doing hair since 1996.  I adore it.  I love that the possibilities with hair are limitless.  Changing your hair is pure excitement and offers instant gratification...and the best part is it grows!  So let's have FUN and get out of our comfort zone, you can trust me, I'm a good time and I know a thing or two about hair.
    Instagram: @rosiefiorehair
    Sandra D


    I'm Sandra D, a seasoned hairstylist providing cut, color, and vintage hairstyling. Over the years, I have created a signature style of hair shaping; one that allows your cut to grow into varying styles rather than out of shape. I am an expert in color, especially corrective color. As an enthusiast of all things vintage and classic hairdressing, I specialize in wet set styling from the 1930's-1950's. Weekly sets and event styling available. My work is quick and efficient with an eye for detail. I'm happy to be styling at The Local where you will find me focused, passionate, and with a smile.


    Sandra DGlamour Embalmer



    Instagram: @glamourembalmer

    Amy Edwards


    As early as age five, Amy Edwards remembers being surrounded by the beauty industry.  The daughter of renowned celebrity hair stylist Allen Edwards, Amy recalls always working on, thinking about, or creating new designs for hair.  Working under the watchful eye of her father, Amy quickly realized her passion for the industry. Amy knew, however, that in order to become the best in one of the most competitive industries she would need to travel and expand her knowledge. Amy traveled and worked throughout the country in various top salons and as a platform artist for Allen Edwards, Wella, Colure and Hed.  Throughout her experiences, Amy learned the importance of giving her clients healthy, current hair and suitable designs to fit their lifestyle.  Now, Amy forges ahead doing in salon classes, hair shows and photo shoots.  She uses the latest technique called Condensed Cut and Colour.

    “I believe in taking that extra step to cleanse and condition hair before I apply color to it, hair color does last longer and has the best color take possible.  I have all ways viewed my space in a salon as my art studio, I love doing hair!"

    From educator to top salon stylist, Amy has done it all. Because of her vast experience, she can give clients the makeover they have always wanted.

    Instagram:  @hairbyamyedwards

    Irena Murphy


    I had a teacher once tell me that we are not hairstylists, we are fiber artist. I thought that was awfully pretentious at the time! But after 10 years of being a stylist I’d have to agree. There is a chemistry and skill to doing hair that becomes personal to each of my clients. I have worked at a barbershop perfecting mens scissor cuts and fades as well as years as a color specialist with emphasis on creating perfect blondes. I like to take the time to put care and detail into my work and build relationships with everyone that comes to see me. I’m excited to be joining The Local as a stylist and I hope you find your way to us!



    Instagram:  @irenamurphystylist

    Kayleigh Fiedler


    I once read that the success of our journey as hairdressers is measured by the impact we make on those whose lives we touch and enrich. I have found this to be a valuable motto to guide me throughout my career. Sure leaving the salon with gorgeous new hair is amazing, but it's the big smile I see on my client’s face when they see their new look that really makes me excited to work in this industry I love so much. Hair for me is a way to express myself and bring to light all of the crazy, classy, funky and punkie things about your personality that make you such an awesome and beautiful individual. And I love getting to be a part of that with my clients.

    Instagram:  @kayleighirenehair


    Sarah Chaney


    “If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything”- Iris Apfel, Harper’s Bazaar


    I want to help you get away with more! I love creating a customized combination of cut, color, and style for each of my clients so that they leave my chair feeling like the best possible version of yourself. I am a certified Deva Curl Stylist, which means that I specialize in cutting and styling naturally curly hair in such a way that it makes the hair's natural texture be its most amazing.

    Creative, bright colors or big color changes/corrections do not scare me at all!  I will always do my best to help you create the hair of your dreams, but for those projects or big changes I prefer to do an in person, complimentary consultation prior to the service.  To schedule a consultation feel free to call the salon or email me!



    instagram: @the_fance


    Allison Carroll


    I spent ten years at a neighboring salon before joining The Local Salon.  I wanted to join a team that believes in challenging continued education.  I strive to be able to offer my clients any service they should ever want or need which has led to a variety of exciting certifications!


    I'm most passionate about hair color.  Becoming an American Board Certified Colorist was the most complex exam of my life.  I'm so thankful for the boundaries I have pushed myself towards in becoming a colorist who is unafraid of any experiment.  Challenging ripples and twists of melting colors is what I fall in love with each day!


    I love the attention to detail in wedding and romantic styled Up Do’s.  Whether messy or elegant, it’s like sculpting an original piece of art each and every time!  Then of course, adding stunning makeup completes the look.  The radiance I can create with airbrush makeup on the skin is luminous!  Airbrush makeup is a go-to for all day beauty without the worry.


    Growing up with a super fine hair texture, I've always loved the idea of Hair Extensions.  Adding luscious volume and length with extensions is an undeniably magical experience.  The confidence a client exudes after she experiences them for the first time is intoxicating.  I live for that!


    Also fluent in: American Sign Language


    Instagram:  @hairalley

    Brittany Laine
    I am passionate about placing value on people by making them look and feel their very best.  Whether it be through creating a whole new look for someone, adding a bit of color or balayage to brighten or enhance, or by maintaining the integrity of hair through regular cuts or treatments, I am genuinely enthusiastic toward making people feel beautiful.  I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where people are free to come as they are, and leave feeling more confident.  My experiences have cultivated in me a desire to learn and produce functional art, but have more importantly taught me the importance of patience, listening and interacting with kindness.
    Instagram: @brittanylainestylist


    Taylor Woodworth
    I am a SoCal native with a deep rooted love for all things beauty.  At my first salon in Austin, TX, I became a cutting specialist and worked closely with curly hair after learning the DevaCurl techniques.  Since moving back to Los Angeles and joining this wild and talented group at The Local Salon, I have added color to my specialties and enjoy everything from enhancing natural locks to creating a whole new look. I am passionate about delivering effortlessly chic and modern looks that will make you feel beautiful in the chair and long after.  Enough out of me, let's make your hair dreams come true!
    Instagram: @taylorjwoodworth


    Susannah Craft
    I fell into the career of hairstyling quite by accident, and I am thankful every day for that first job as a salon receptionist!  Having bounced from job to job after college, never quite settling on any one career choice, it didn't take long after joining my first salon team for me to realize that the beauty industry is where I belong.  I learned everything I know through hands-on experience in that salon, so learning how to work with clients was as much a focus of my education as the skills of hairdressing.
    I believe we all get into hairstyling for different reasons, but my passion for this industry comes from the customer service.  I love working one-on-one with people to help them find a look that suits not only their desires but their lifestyle.  I am not here to push my opinions on you, I am here as a vehicle for you to achieve a look that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful every day-- not just the day you see me!
    Instagram: @susannahcrafthair


    Ritchie Andrew
    Greetings!  I am so excited to be a part of The Local Salon family!  I am a  seasoned hair stylist who has worked on both sides of the camera and stage as an actor as well as a hair artist.  I have been featured in Allure, Womens Health and Millennium magazines.  I studied the art of acting with some of the leading acting and vocal coaches in the entertainment industry.  Most recently I worked back stage at NYFW for the THAKOON Spring Collection.  My recent on camera work includes a part on BULL on CBS and Oceans 8.  
    When I am not in the salon I enjoy reading, writing, meditating, running on the beach in Santa Monica, and spending time with Sheldon my adorable rescue dachshund.  I am also an astrologist and Reiki practitioner.  Volunteering my time to Equine therapy has become a recent passion as well.  However, I do not want all of this serious talk to fool you...I laugh at my own lame jokes, make a mean chicken pot pie and serve some of the sickest dance moves at parties!
    Instagram: @ra_haircolor_la


    Sterling Morris
    I can not remember a time when I did not fixate on hair.  I remember my first hairstylist, Gina, and every move she made when she gave me the same solid chin length bob I identified myself with through all of my childhood.  It was such a meditative experience for me, talking to her and studying her every move.  In high school a brave friend of mine asked me to give him a haircut in the bathroom of his Grandmother's house and I did...and it actually went well!  Ha!  Little did I know how much of an impact that experience would have on my life.  He was so proud, and I was so transformed by the notion that I could help someone gain more confidence and self expression by doing something I was already obsessed with.  In my early 20's I took college courses and volunteered with at-risk youth for a couple of years, trying things on...but I think I always knew it was going to be a hairstylist.  In 2012 I buckled down and went to cosmetology school, and have since worked every day to know more about my favorite art medium.  I love getting to know what makes you feel your best, and I love learning about every cowlick and curl that grows out of your head.  It is my mission to treat every soul and every hair with kindness and focus.  My favorite things to do are cuts and colors.  I love everything from the eccentric to the everyday, and I love when people bring in pictures or concepts that inspire them!


    Miranda Thompsett
    I have been doing hair for over 20 years and I have loved every minute of it. I love cutting hair, I am in complete control and have a really great time connecting with my clients.  I love the relationships I have made over the years with my clients,  I have gotten to know some incredibly inspiring people which makes this job even better! I love all the possibilities when it comes to color, it is truly endless. I have recently decided to go back to school and study nursing and get my bachelors degree.  Although I love hair and it is my true passion, I want to have a wider base of knowledge and get to know humans a bit better. I am patient and extremely chill...so come on in and we can chat.