Preparing for your Visit With Us

We are so excited to open our doors again to you, our loyal clients!  To ensure no more than 5 clients are in the salon at one time our stylists will be working on a rotating schedule until we are able to work at full capacity again. We will be doing our best to get everyone in and beautified. We appreciate your patience through this process!  we are doing our best to be fair and get through all of our fantastic clients that are all eager to finally get their hair done! We truly get that you want your hair done this weekend, however due to safety we must minimize the number of clients in the salon at one time. we are welcoming new clients at this time as well, so just give us a call and we can help match you with your dream stylist! We are good like that!

Please read all of this before your appointment. fill out and submit our Covid-19 Health form 24 hours before your appointment or it is not confirmed.

-Masks must be worn the entire time you are with us. Please come wearing a mask, if you do not have one we have disposable ones for you.

-When you arrive (5 minutes early please) call the front desk to tell us you are here, we will text or call you when it is time to come on in. Unfortunately we can not allow people to use our waiting area at the time.

-We will be taking your temperature with a touch free thermometer upon arrival to the salon to make sure you do not have a fever. 

-We ask for you to sanitize your hands upon arrival and we will do the fresh and so clean.

-We ask for no food to be brought into the salon because that would require you to take your mask off, however you can bring your own water (we are not monsters after all).

-If you are later than 15 minutes for your visit we unfortunately will have to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

- We ask you to come alone to your appointment. We are only allowed to have a certain amount of people in the salon at one time so please leave friends and kids at home so they can enjoy their lives mask free!

(no animals as well unfortunately).

-If you wake up the day of your appointment and feel ill please call us and reschedule for another day. Your hair can wait, we promise.

-We want to make you feel wonderful and do the best hair we possibly can so please be understanding as we sort through all the requests from clients for appointments. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone so if you reach out to us and do not hear back immediately, know that we did not forget about you. Thanks for being kind and loyal to us at The Local.

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